SELL your property with SoloMar Real Etate Agency:

      If you are thinking about to sell your property, you have to take into account that prospective buyers can be spanish or internation buyers who do not speak inglish. For this reason, our advice is to collaborate with a real estate agency so that the purchase process will be understandable as for the seller and in the same time for those people who buy. Also the collaboration with a good real estate agency will help the seller prepare the necessary documentation to make correctly the sale of the property before the notary.

          We are working  with foreign and spanish clients informing them about properties that come on the market in different areas of Costa Blanca. We invite you to put your property for sale with us and do not lose the opportunity to find the posible buyer. We are collaborating also with the agencies and agents, who are abroad, sending them the updated information of properties on spanish market. We collaborate with the national agencies from other towns, which may be have a client, but they do not have any property to offer.

Our help to sell consists of:

  • Valuation of the property;
  • Photo report;
  • Publication in the most important real estate portals in Spain and in foreign countries;
  • We send information about the property to collaborators and agents;
  • Obtaining updated The Land Registry extract (Nota Simple);
  • Obtaining  The Energy Efficiency Certificate;
  • Certificate of debts from the Community administration;
  • Obtaining the Certificate of First or Second Occupancy or Habitation Certificate (Responsible Declaration);
  • Preparation and sending of the documentation to the notary.

       We invite you to come at our office, to write us by e-mail or call us and we will give you more detailed information about all steps and all documents you need to have in your particular case to be able to correctly carry out the sale of your property before the notary public. We will be able to help you with a professional advice and sell successfully your property only with all necessary documents provided by the owner and knowing all details about the property.

Sell ​​your property